Collage Hearts - Quick and Timeless Kids Valentines Craft

Handmade Valentines can be simple and fun to make. Collage hearts incorporate a variety of textures and materials to invoke an eclectic and charming result.

Start off with cardboard hearts. I found these sturdy pre-cut hearts at Michaels in pink and red. Then allow each child to either sponge paint their heart, or coat it in glue to apply embellishments.

Basic materials:

- card stock hearts
- watered down Elmer's glue or Mod Podge
- paint brushes of various sizes
- handled sponge brushes for glue
- round craft sponges for painting

Have a variety of paper plates or trays with the following embellishments available:

- heart shaped paper doilies
- heart shaped glitter and sequins in various shades and sizes
- squares of red and pink tissue paper
- pearlized pink, red and purple acrylic paint
- glitter glue

Remind kids to reapply glue or Mod Podge in between layers to make sure no embellishment falls off after the hearts are dried. When hearts are dried, kids can write their messages of love on the back with a fine tipped Sharpie or gel pen. :)

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