On a mission to organize my entire life in 2014!

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Hello friends!
Hope you all had a relaxing and joyful holiday season. We had a great Christmas this year. The kids are at the age where they are just really getting into it now and that made everything extra fun.

Okay... so this is what's been on my mind. I need to get more organized. I LOVE to get things organized, but it is hard work for me. Organization is not a natural gift of mine. A couple weeks ago I did some personality tests and it turns out I was the "Architect" type. On the Myers-Briggs test I'm an INTP. Ironically one of the common traits for INTP people is that they find it hard to be organized. We tend to be big picture people, and routine tasks bore us. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with this problem. :)

We also tend to be very good problem solvers. So it got me to thinking... how can I get more organized? What are my obstacles? How can I make changes that last? I am a minimalist and I appreciate quality products and quality solutions. I want to come up with something that I can do once, do it right, and not have to think about it again (at least not for a long time).

When thinking about my obstacles to being organized, I realized a big part of the problem is that I don't have a specific place for everything in my house. It's hard to put things back where they belong, when those items don't have a home! Our home is one that we really live in. It's not just a pretty showcase. We are at home 95% of the time. We do school at home, we work at home, we play at home. I need it to be functional.

I'm on a mission to organize my entire life. (I tend to be overly ambitious - can you tell? lol). I'm ready to do this in 2014. I need to do this in 2014. My life is full and it's only going to get fuller. I run a business, I am a mom, homeschooler, and I'm going back to school myself part-time this year. Disorganization is costly. I'm ready for change. One step at a time, this is going to happen.

So the first thing I did was make a list of everything in my house that needs a home or that lacks a system. It ended up being a very long list, but it sure put things in perspective. One by one I can start to knock things off this list.

So this is the list that I'm starting off with. Some of the things are paper items which I'll be using my printables for (or creating new printables... I haven't made a gardening planner yet, but will be working on having one ready by the spring).

Some of these things already have a "home" but perhaps it's not a very efficient home, so I'll be working on improving storage in those areas. As I declutter our home in preperation for reorganizing things, if something does not fit into one of these categories I will either have to get rid of it (donate/sell/recycle) or jot down a new category. I'm sure there might be some more categories that I didn't think of here.

1. Menu Planning - Weekly

2. Menu Planning - Monthly, and Freezer Meals

3. Recipe Binder - needs page protectors and a table of contents

4. Shopping Lists (not groceries but things like clothing, birthdays, holidays, household things that need to be bought or replaced, wishlists for the house)

5. Kids clothing purchases and current sizes & measurements

6. Child Sponsorship letters and gifts

7. Charitable Donations

8. Daily Expenses

9. Bills/Payments - use monthly financial calendar printable and my printable bill payment checklist

10. School Related Stuff
-project ideas
-curriculum shopping list
-library book list
-learning outcomes by grade and subject area

11. Work related stuff
-ideas for new products
-checklist for developing products
-blog planner
-social media planner
-income & expenses spreadsheet

12. Skills Development and Business Development
-goals checklist
-a place for books and wish list for books
-time for studying

13. Monthly Budget

14. Daily Spending Tracker

15. Memory Keeping
-photos to take
-journaling prompts
-sketch layouts
-shopping wish lists
-family traditions

16. Birthdays, gifts, cards, hospitality

17. Company's Coming - dinner guests, menu's, guest book or scrapbook, board games, conversation games.

18. Procedure Manual of some sort - something that covers checklists for everything in one place. Mainly for stuff like cleaning, home maintenance, holidays, random tasks.

19.AM/PM routines

20. Quiet Time Binder
-scripture to memorize
-prayers and thoughtfulness

21. Gardening Planner
-include zip pocket or page protectors to house tags from purchased plants
-graph paper for sketching out layouts
-shopping wish lists
-info pages on plants we have
-journaling and photos from each season

22. Fitness and Health Planner
-photo's of how to do certain exercises
-work out log
-food journal
-supplement tracker

23. My art supplies

24. Pantry Organization
-canned goods
-jarred foods
-teabag organizer

25. First-Aid Stash

26. Toiletries (my own)

27. Kids Bathroom Toiletries (hang up new cabinet, include extra toothpaste, floss, bubble bath, band-aids, lotion, Qtips, nail clippers, travel size toiletries for guests)

28. My books

29. Kids books

30. Music Cd's - mine

31. Music Cd's - the kids

32. Birthday party supplies

33. Seasonal Decor

34. Emergency Preparedness kits for home and car

35. Gardening Tools and Ammendments
-hand tools
-larger tools
-potting bench
-floating row covers
-organic pest control
-place to store seeds
-place to store indoor and outdoor pots
-place to store mulch and compost

36. Electrical Cords and chargers

37. Sewing Kit

38. Scrapbooking Supplies
-page protectors
-paper cutters

39. Hard copy photo storage, archival.

40. All gear related to sports, dance, music, etc. for the kids.

41. Stationery including address labels or stamp, postage stamp. Personal stationery as well as legal envelopes, packing tape, Sharpies, etc.

42. Gift wrap and ribbons organizer (already done, just add more gift tags and ribbon)

43. Kids art supplies:
-acrylic paint
-watercolour paints
-paint trays
-paint brushes
-oil pastels
-collage supplies (glitter, embellishments, etc)
-air dry clay
-watercolour paper
-painters tape
-rubber cement
-Lyra pencil crayons
-variety of markers
-drawing paper
-card stock
-binders with page protectors
-Smash books
-special pencils, pens
-their own personal stationery
-portfolio's to store finished work

44. My office supplies
-printer paper
-printer ink
-paper cutter
-scotch tape
-paper clips
-post its

45. Mail
-processing box

46. Baking Pans (vertical organizer under sink or over fridge)

47. Jewelry

48. Get new clothes hangers (slimline ones)

49. Doorhanger on back of closet door to hold small random stuff like hair accessories

50. reorganize computer desktop

So... are you ready to get organized in 2014? 

Maybe this is a good start. Make an inventory of the different things you have in your house that need storage or a system. Decide which one you will tackle first! I'll be posting about my progress throughout the year on this blog - hope you'll join me! Grab a button and let's do this together! :)

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  1. thanks for sharing and happy new year

  2. I posted on FB and pinned. It looks awesome, thanks.


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