Tried and True Natural Cold Remedies - some of which you've probably never heard of before!

How's the weather where you are? The wind is howling here right now. It's been blistery and bone chilling cold for a few days now. The prairie girl in me is balking at the thought of going outside. I grew up in the "Winter Capital" of Canada, where our frequent days of  - 46 C windchill (and needing to wear three pairs of pants ... yes, all at the same time) seemed to give us bragging rights of sorts. I now live on the mild (in comparison) Pacific Northwest, and the forecast of -3 C is making me want to hibernate for the rest of winter. I've become such a baby. But it's a "Wet Cold" here, for some reason it feels so much colder... and there is no snow on the ground to insulate.

I digress... the last couple weeks our family has been partially hibernating as we'll all been sick with brutal chest colds. So annoying. It's been a good 5 years since we've had any respiratory illnesses in our family so I guess we were overdue.

Thankfully I like to keep a well stocked natural medicine cabinet. These are some of my favourite tried and true remedies (some of which you may have never heard of before!)

Like Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. I don't know what we ever did without this stuff.  Legend has it that it was originally created by a physician who was working for the Qing Dynasty. It is chock full of Chinese herbs, in a base of honey and sugar. It's sweet licorice type flavour means that even my picky eater kids take their medicine without a fuss! No Buckleys for us!

source: Wikipedia

I also make sure to always keep my freezer full of a stash of frozen homemade chicken broth. If you've never made your own chicken broth before, no need to be intimidated. It's a lot easier then you'd think. Once you've done it a few times you'll be able to confidently and easily make it without a recipe at hand. My favourite recipe, if you've never made it before, is this one at Simply Recipes.

Source: flickr.com

Oil of Oregano is usually my last resort. This is some potent stuff! What makes Oil of Oregano so amazing? Well for starters it's a natural antibiotic which does not contribute to antibiotic resistance like pharmaceutical antibiotics do. So if you are battling a bacterial infection, it could help send it packing. It's also anti-fungal and can act as a decongestant when used in a diffuser or vapourizer. I love the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser I bought from Escents Aromatherapy (which happen to be on sale right now!). They also carry a Soothing Throat Spray that contains Bee Propolis, Echinacea and Oil of Oregano.

Some of the best prices around on essential oils can be found at iHerb.com. I buy my Oil of Oregano softgels and Eucalyptus oil there. Have you ever shopped at iHerb.com? It's one of my favourite online shops ever. I discovered them a few years ago when I started really getting into natural health and was looking for cheaper prices on the supplements I loved. Their prices, including shipping, were constantly the cheapest around. Their customer service is the best I've ever experienced. I've ordered literally dozens, probably almost hundreds of times from them since. I order something almost every week. I've never been disappointed. If you've never bought from them before, you'll want to check them out.

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Source: Wikipedia

Disclaimer: this post does include some referral links - views are my own.  All items reviewed were purchased by me and were not received for free.

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