Eat, Drink and be Merry - Vintage Wedding Invitation

There have been lots of changes at Zazzle lately. They include the doing away with customized html storefronts to favor a more streamlined look for ease of mobile browsing. This means a lot of work for store owners in trying to customize their banners and category buttons with new graphics and formatted to the new dimensions. Considering some store owners have tens of thousands of products and a number of stores, that means a lot of extra work these days.

I've taken the opportunity to make some big changes to a variety of my shops and also brainstorm ideas for new shops (so doing a "Dance Moms" shop! No.... not that Dance Moms lol). I'm planning on putting out more vintage and fine art designs in the near future. I love some of the old vintage designs and am coming up with some creative ways to use them.

One of the main stores I'm working on right now is my vintage store.

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