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Looking for wedding invitations online? It's not too late to order!

Wedding season is in full swing and orders are coming in every day. Are you looking for wedding invitations online? It's not too late to order. One of our most popular collections is the wedding invitation suite: "Posh Petals Collection". Our prices are competitive and Zazzle has regular sales. Watch out for those coupon codes!

I am a Zazzle Proseller so you can shop with confidence knowing you are getting quality products. If you are unsatisfied for any reason Zazzle has an unbeatable return policy. I've never had any of my wedding stationery returned so I think that means my almost 1000 clients have been very happy with what they've received!


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Printable Small Business Planner:
An organized business is a profitable business

Revolutionize your productivity! An organized business, is a profitable business. 

Customize your own small business planner with the following printables to suit your needs.

Organize your work day with a...

1. Printable Daily Docket
2. Printable Repetitive Task Worksheet
3. Printable Password Log
4. Printable Monthly Plan (Sunday through Saturday)
5. Printable Monthly Plan (Monday through Sunday)
6. Printable Business Appointments Template
7. Printable Timesheet Template
8. Printable Week On One Page (Sunday through Saturday)
9. Printable Week On One Page (Monday through Sunday)
10. Printable To-Do List

Streamline your business efforts with a...

11. Printable Annual Analytics Template 
12. Printable Product Inventory Template
13. Printable Supply Inventory Template
14. Printable Coupon Codes Template
15. Printable Business Ideas List
16. Printable Business Shopping List

Organize your business finances with a...

17. Printable Income Template
18. Printable Expenses Template
19. Printable Profit/Loss Template

Printable Travel Planner - Vacation Planning Sheets

INCLUDES: 1. Packing List - Basics 2. Packing List - Hers  3. Packing List - Hers  4. Packing List - His  5. Packing List - Misc.  6. Packing List - Boys  7. Packing List - Girls  8. Packing List - Baby  9. Daily Outfit Planner  10. Itinerary Day by Day  11. Travel Daily Docket  12. List of Places to Visit  13. Blank Monthly Calendar  14. Restaurants and Reservations  15. Pre-Travel Checklist  16. "While We're Away" Notes  17. Contact List  18. Travel Expenses Worksheet  19. Travel Journal Sheet  20. Trip Shopping List  21. Hotel Comparison Worksheet  22. Travel Budget Worksheet   Format: Digital PDF Letter Size 8.5 x 11 inches - Instant Download!

Half Letter Size Printable Fitness and Weight Loss Planner 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Fresh Paperie's Fitness Planner is now available in half letter size.  Size: Digital PDF files in Half Letter Size 5.5 x 8.5 inches
These files are ordered for your convenience, ready for printing back to back. Each page is designed to have room for planner rings on the appropriate side. There are 6 unique pages, some are repeated.

1. Cover Page
2. Blank Journal Page
3. Monday to Sunday Menu Planning Page
4. Monday to Sunday Workout Tracking Page
5. Weight Loss Progress Page
6. Blank Journal Page
7. Daily Food Diary Page 
8. Daily Food Diary Page 
9. Daily Food Diary Page 
10. Daily Food Diary Page 
11. Daily Food Diary Page 
12. Daily Food Diary Page 
13. Daily Food Diary Page 
14. Daily Food Diary Page
15. Daily Food Diary Page
16. Blank Journal Page
17. Blank Journal Page
18. Blank Journal Page