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Printable Packing Lists



Take the guesswork out of packing for your next trip! This kit includes 9 extensive packing lists to cover every member of the family and every type of climate or destination. Columns are designed to take note of quantity, whether an item is packed, and which items go in a carry-on.

1. Basics & Technology Packing List
2. Her Packing List
3. His Packing List
4. Misc. Packing List
5. Make-Up and Toiletries Packing List
6. Boys Packing List
7. Girls Packing List
8. Baby Packing List
9. BONUS: Daily Outfit Planner

Haven't planed your trip yet? Our Printable Travel Planner can help you out! It includes the Printable Packing List Kit along with extras such as:

1. Printable Itinerary Day by Day
2. Printable Travel Daily Docket
3. Printable List of Places to Visit
4. Printable Blank Monthly Calendar
5. Printable Restaurants and Reservations Worksheet
6. Printable Pre-Travel Checklist
7. Printable "While We're Away" Notes
8. Printable Contact List
9. Printable Travel Expenses Worksheet
10. Printable Travel Journal Sheet
11. Printable Trip Shopping List
12. Printable Hotel Comparison Worksheet
13. Printable Travel Budget Worksheet

Both Printables Kits are available in a variety of sizes!



Printable Travel Planner - Vacation Planning Sheets



1. Packing List - Basics

2. Packing List - Hers 

3. Packing List - Hers 

4. Packing List - His 

5. Packing List - Misc. 

6. Packing List - Boys 

7. Packing List - Girls 

8. Packing List - Baby 

9. Daily Outfit Planner 

10. Itinerary Day by Day 

11. Travel Daily Docket 

12. List of Places to Visit 

13. Blank Monthly Calendar 

14. Restaurants and Reservations 

15. Pre-Travel Checklist 

16. "While We're Away" Notes 

17. Contact List 

18. Travel Expenses Worksheet 

19. Travel Journal Sheet 

20. Trip Shopping List 

21. Hotel Comparison Worksheet 

22. Travel Budget Worksheet  

Format: Digital PDF Letter Size 8.5 x 11 inches - Instant Download!


WIN: Printable Small Business Planner

Are you a writer, blogger or small business owner? Alicia Sparks of "The Writing Spark" blog is giving away the printable small business planner I designed. She's got a great blog with lots of tips on improving your skills! Head over there and check it out - and while you're at it, if you sign up for her newsletter at this link you'll be entered to win a FREE small business planning kit!

Contest ends midnight March 31st, 2014. Winner will be randomly chosen on April 1st!

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Printable Planner Kit : Gardening Journal

Is it starting to feel like spring where you are? Or does it still look like a winter wonderland out there? Whether you're ready to start planting now, or still only dreaming about it, this Garden Planner Kit is sure to help you organize your gardening goals this year.

The Garden Planner Monthly Planning sheet helps to keep track of important dates and tasks. Use the sheets to keep track of the plants you want to grow, have purchased, planted, or wish to plant in the future. Keep track of finances with the Gardening Budget and Gardening Expenses worksheets. Keep track of fertilizer and pesticide applications. Jot down your observations and photo's in the Garden Journal sheet. It's a nice way to keep a memory of your garden efforts, and compare results of various years. Plan for next year with the Gardening Ideas for Next Year sheet.


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